Welcome to our Hot 'n' Spicy Salsa School. HNS Salsa has been instructing since June 2004, we have had some fantastic years and they just get better and better. In our early days we started with 10 students per class and have now progressed to over 70 students in one evening. At HNS we love to teach this amazing dance called Salsa and make sure that eveyone is having a great time. No formalities - just learning to dance while having fun.
Salsa is a dance, which is similar to the Mambo, you step to 6 beats of an 8 beat count in both dances. Salsa however in made up of little bit of everything derived from Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances and it is mainly danced to Spanish speaking music. There is also no pin-point as to where Salsa originated from bit of Puerto Rican some of Colombian added spice from Mexico but mostly Cuban as Cuba has been the focal point of Latin Dance and Music for centuries.
For me Salsa is a very free way of dancing only a few rules to be followed and the beat of the drums in the music is invigorating a passion for life!
For all your dancing requirements, check out www.dance.co.za South Africa's Premiere All Styles Dance Website.
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Hot HNS Salsa Parties, 2nd Saturday of every month.
Did you Know: Cuba may be a Third world country but has First world standards of Health Care and Education.

Were you at our last Salsa Dance Party or were you spotted at one of the workshps or classes? Why not check out our Hot Pictures in the Gallery.
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